Monday, 17 February 2014


Are there any more chic, stylish, cool and original sisters than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Well, HELL NO! The twin duo is incredibly stylish and has been by inspiration for what seems like forever now. Their bohemian, hipster and Olsennes never fails to make a style statement.

The twins' fashion obsession began while wearing Chanel on Full House. The originality in their style inspires me the most. Their creation of the fashion genre 'Dumpster Chic' a.k.a the "bag-lady-in-big-shades-with-an-even-bigger-bag look" is something every girl thanks the twins for (I do big time!) Can you imagine imagine yourself in over sized clothes - over sized bag - over sized shades, messy hair and yet be fashionable? Well thanks to the Olsens who have made fashion so easy for the girls.

Olsen in the 'Dumpster Chic' look

Mary Kate and Ashley have given bohemian fashion a whole new meaning. No one can do 'boho' better than them. The mix of hipster with a tinge of classiness in their outfits is the reason why I am obsessed with their style. Their over sized shades are like a trademark of the Olsen' that they do the best. Also their art of layering is something I cannot describe in words. 

"We were called eccentric and eclectic. But we were just two California girls trying to dress for the New York winter.” 
- Olsen twins

The twins have always inspired me with their style but more than that their fashion career is a very big inspiration to  me. I look upto them and the work their work in fashion at the age as young as 18 years. 

They are indeed twins but their styles do have an individuality of their own. While Ashley tends to stick to modern basics and classics, Mary-Kate is eccentric and fearless and I love that the most. 

Do you adore the twins as much as I do? Wish to dress like them? Here is your 7 step guide to get the Olsen twins look:

1.Wear darker and somber colors
2.Dress in layers
3.Wear over sized clothing
4.Accessorize with scarves
5.Wear skinny jeans
6.Accessorize with vintage jewelry
7.Top off the bohemian look with boots and over sized sunglasses

This week #BohoFashion is trending on FASHION DIARIES. Check it out for more bohemian looks and outfit ideas. 

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