Tuesday, 24 December 2013


It is the best time of the year with the festive feels and winter chills. It's a day until Christmas, when we will be sitting under our Christmas trees unwrapping our presents feeling just like a kid again. (at least I do :D) As much as I love December for it's chilly days, the Christmas feels is what I love the most. I bet you do too. So let's do this festive season right and have this celebration with style. 

Gleam and glitter is what Christmas is all about. You don't need a reason to shine. Sequins and shimmer are a Christmas timeless classic. But we also don't want to look like decoration by overdoing it. Keeping it simple and classy is the trick. These are my inspirations for this season.

If you are looking for an outfit which is in vogue and also has a festive touch, your search has now come to an end. A midi shimmer skirt is just what you need. With the midi hemline trending this winter, this outfit would make a style statement like no other. 
Always go easy on the rest of the outfit when you have one shimmer element in it. This outfit looks just perfect with the black jacket giving it the winter feel. Doing basic accessories with this skirt maintains the balance. This is look is my personal favorite. 

If there is one time of the year when you are allowed to go a little over-the-top it's the holidays. Make the most of it and take that shimmery sequin blazer out from the back your wardrobe. Pair it up with a black jumpsuit, skirt or a pair of denims. A sequin blazer will just look glamorous. Keep it simple in the accessories department. Pair black pumps and a black or gold clutch with it and you are all ready for the Christmas eve party!

Dare to shine? Shimmer leggings are your thing then. They are sparkly but so stylish.  The white peplum and belt looks very chic with the leggings. You can also pair the same with a tank top and a cardigan. Add a belt to it to make it look edgy. Remember to keep the rest of the outfit very minimal as there is a lot happening down there already. This look would definitely make you stand out. 

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy your holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Monday, 16 December 2013


COLOR IS THE NEW BLACK. A Pop of color to an all black outfit can make a Style statement like no other.  Why spend  a lump sum amount to look stylish when you can can you achieve the same in just a few bucks.

Material you need :
1.  Neon Fabric.
2. Lining fabric.
3. Canvas material.
4. Fabric glue
5. Brooch/ button
6. Magnet button
7. Scissors.


Draw the desired layout of your clutch on the canvas material. Trace the measurements on your fabric and cutout the fabric. Then stick the canvas material on the inside of your fabric with fabric glue. The canvas material will give your clutch a shape and will keep it firm.


Now cut the lining in the same outline as the fabric and stick it on the canvas with fabric glue.


Now fold the edges and stick them from 3 sides to make the clutch look neat.


Fold the clutch and stick the sides or hand sew for a neater effect. Do the same for the the upper flap of the clutch.


Now attach the magnetic buttons on the insides of the flap. To beautify your clutch sew a brooch or button on the top to make it stand out.
You can team up this Neon clutch with an all black outfit or you can also use it for color block. This colorful clutch would also really go well with traditional Indian wear.

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Hello Fashionistas! Every individual possesses a style of their own, fashionable or not. May it be the the way you wrap a scarf around your neck or how you love the way your hair looks in a messy bun. Wearing different colored socks or multiple rings on the same finger. The burgundy lip color that you sport or the neon nail art, every minute detail depicts your personal style. 
"Real style is never right or wrong. It's a matter of being yourself on purpose." - G.Bruce Boyer
SIN is a STYLE blog that reflects my personal style and could also feature yours. Fashion is a matter of time, but your individual style reflects who you are. With tips on fashion, news on current style trends, DIY's and Street Style you could also spot yourself on SIN. This is just not my STYLE blog but could also be yours. Along with my personal style I would love to feature my readers too. So if you have a personal style that makes you stand out send me your pictures or write to me on styldin@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy this SINFUL journey of Fashion and Style with me. Goodbye for now!