Tuesday, 4 March 2014


The fashion world is constantly overflowing with new trends, different styles, prints, patterns, colours and oh what not. Isn't it just too hard to keep up with everything? I know, it's a task. Hence making it simple for my lovely readers here is a new section for you guys STYLE DECODED. This new section will offer you styling tips, how to mix match trends, how to wear different styles and a lot more. Keep an eye on this section for your style fix.

This week's feature on STYLE DECODED are casual tee's and the very chic pencil skirts. Pencil skirts have always been looked upon as formal clothing and something that a lady would wear to work. They are indeed a classic chic piece and  look extremely sexy but lets agree to it, we have almost always ditched our pencil skirt for a mini or a maxi one wanting to keep it casual. But do it no more, team up your pencil skirts with your casual t-shirts and give them a casual yet classy look. Here are some ways to style your pencil skirt keeping it casual:


Make a statement with SLOGAN T-SHIRTS and STATEMENT NECKLACE. This is a cool and classic combination that brings together two all time wardrobe classics: the TEXT TEE and PENCIL SKIRT. A statement necklace is just what you need to add on to the chic-ness of this look. You can wear this outfit to a lunch or a casual event. Throw on a leather or a denim and jacket and complete the look with a pair of high heels. You can also wear this outfit to work, just replace that jacket with a blazer and you are good to go.


Just hanging out with your girlfriends but still want to look fabulous? Bored of your usual look with the same old denims? Want to look different? Dig that pencil skirt out of your wardrobe and team it up with a loose CROPPED T-SHIRT.  You can even KNOT UP your normal TEE as a substitute to the crop top. BLING IT UP with a long chain and complete the look with a pair of booties. Throw a jacket or an over sized sweater over it if you can't fight the chills. 


This version of the tee and pencil skirt combination is my favorite. A SEQUIN PENCIL SKIRT seems like a must have in every girl's wardrobe after looking at these outfit ideas. Teaming up a T-shirt with a sequin skirt seems just right as it tones down the bling with it's casual-ness. This is the perfect combination of SEXY and COOL. I am totally obsessing over this one and cannot wait to get my hands over a black sequin pencil skirt.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about this STYLE TREND. 

Until next time STAY FABULOUS! 

Thursday, 27 February 2014


 So when I was asked to style a Boho Chic look as a part of my assignment at FAD International, India with LCS (London College Of Style) I had a lot going on my mind. I looked up for references and inspirations like the Olsen twins as you can say I am totally obsessed with their style, the reason why I had a whole blog post dedicated to them. In the process I realized that bohemian is all about embracing your own personality. Every Boho chic look has individuality to it. There are no rules of getting a Boho Chic look right. Bohemian style may be described as a trend with certain looks to follow, but it's really all about following your own inspirations.

About the look: While styling this look minimalism was what I kept in mind as I wanted to style a much wearable boho chic look. I pulled this outfit from mine and a friend's wardrobe. A pleated skirt with a tint of orange that stops just above the ankle and a white crop top seemed just the right combination. Fitted clothes don't really go well with bohemian style, so flowy silhouettes are the right choice. I used minimal accessories, a colorful stoned chain and just one earring that gives the whole look a not so perfect finish. The John Lennon vintage glasses just added on to the look making it look quite hipster. For shoes I chose cheetah print sneakers, something that not many would expect (aren't those pink laces just too adorable?). And that was the whole point of this look, to be a lot more individualistic, original and to not be perfect. As I believe "Life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful". 

Styled by | Priyanka (Me)
Model | Shreya Chaudhry
Make Up | Niyati Mehta
Photography | Lavanya Singh

Monday, 17 February 2014


Are there any more chic, stylish, cool and original sisters than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Well, HELL NO! The twin duo is incredibly stylish and has been by inspiration for what seems like forever now. Their bohemian, hipster and Olsennes never fails to make a style statement.

The twins' fashion obsession began while wearing Chanel on Full House. The originality in their style inspires me the most. Their creation of the fashion genre 'Dumpster Chic' a.k.a the "bag-lady-in-big-shades-with-an-even-bigger-bag look" is something every girl thanks the twins for (I do big time!) Can you imagine imagine yourself in over sized clothes - over sized bag - over sized shades, messy hair and yet be fashionable? Well thanks to the Olsens who have made fashion so easy for the girls.

Olsen in the 'Dumpster Chic' look

Mary Kate and Ashley have given bohemian fashion a whole new meaning. No one can do 'boho' better than them. The mix of hipster with a tinge of classiness in their outfits is the reason why I am obsessed with their style. Their over sized shades are like a trademark of the Olsen' that they do the best. Also their art of layering is something I cannot describe in words. 

"We were called eccentric and eclectic. But we were just two California girls trying to dress for the New York winter.” 
- Olsen twins

The twins have always inspired me with their style but more than that their fashion career is a very big inspiration to  me. I look upto them and the work their work in fashion at the age as young as 18 years. 

They are indeed twins but their styles do have an individuality of their own. While Ashley tends to stick to modern basics and classics, Mary-Kate is eccentric and fearless and I love that the most. 

Do you adore the twins as much as I do? Wish to dress like them? Here is your 7 step guide to get the Olsen twins look:

1.Wear darker and somber colors
2.Dress in layers
3.Wear over sized clothing
4.Accessorize with scarves
5.Wear skinny jeans
6.Accessorize with vintage jewelry
7.Top off the bohemian look with boots and over sized sunglasses

This week #BohoFashion is trending on FASHION DIARIES. Check it out for more bohemian looks and outfit ideas. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hello beauties!  So I have introduced this new section on the blog - Fashion Diaries. It's kind of my virtual mood board.  I update my blog just once a week  and that doesn't seem enough. So to cover up I decided to start up with Fashion Diaries. You can get your daily dose of fashion, trends, street style, inspiration and a lot more here. 
You can find the page here:

Hope you guys enjoy this Visual Fashion Delight!

Thursday, 30 January 2014


Hello Sinners! (After struggling for days I finally settled with this name to call my gorgeous readers.) Finally here comes a new post featuring Street Style. Lately I have been obsessing over Street Style of the Fashion Capitals. My personal favorite is the British Capital, London. Specially during Fashion Weeks I find myself stalking the Fashionistas on my computer screen and their Mega Street Style outside the venue rather the New Collection of my favorite designers. Street Style is like this new era in fashion that has no rules at all. The more you break the rules the more chic you look. 

This outfit is my own version of Street Style that a girl like you and me could pull off in Bombay. Dresses with denim jackets are one of my favorite fashion combinations. This also a smart way to wear dresses in the slightly chilly weather of Bombay. To give the outfit a city girl feel I matched the tribal print dress with gold & colorful bangles. The nude wedge heels with a pop of pink completes the outfit giving it a mod look. The brown satchel with the outfit gives it a very young and girlish look, just how I like it!

Hope you liked this look. Let me know your views in the comments below. You can buy the dress in the outfit at 
Cupcakes and Closet. You can also share your Street Style with me and get featured on SIN. Send in your pictures at styldin@gmail.com  

Dress - Cupcakes and Closet | Denim Jacket - H&M 
Shoes - Steve Madden | Bag - Hong Kong

Stylist - Priyanka (Me)

Model - Shreya Chaudhry
Make Up - Niyati Mehta 
Clicked by - Lavanya Singh

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


2013 was a crazy year in fashion. Few striking trends of 2013 made an impact like none other. Last year was all about bold stripes, prints, statement necklaces, neon colors, skater skirts, crop tops, etc. The unforgettable trends of 2013 forced me to go back in time and put together a Fashionista look, 2013 style. 

As a part of my project at FAD International,India with LCS (London College of Style) I styled a Fashionista look with a mix of trends and color block. Neon and stripes mostly defined the previous year in fashion, hence I chose a combination of the two to create this look. Skirts and blazers have always been one of my favorite combinations. The color blocking gives the outfit a very peppy look .

Thanks to Cupcakes and Closet who helped me style this trendy look with their chic collection. Cupcakes and Closet is an online clothing store with a fresh and youthful collection. If you have a chic style and are obsessing over this look as much as I am, your next shopping haul has to be from Cupcakes and Closet. You can 'Like' their facebook page HERE.

Neon skirt|Striped shirt|Pink Blazer - Cupcakes and Closet
Shoes - Steve Madden

Stylist - Priyanka Chadha
Model - Shreya Chaudhry
Makeup - Niyati Mehta
Photography - Lavanya Singh

Thursday, 2 January 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you beautiful people out there! 2014 finally is upon us. Another year to dream, wish, imagine and make a difference. I'm not doing any resolutions this year. Instead I'm going to take whatever comes my way with a smile. I'm ready for you 2014! What have you guys planned for 2014? Let me know in the comments below. All I'd like to tell you is be positive, be kind, appreciate a bit more, get a smile on someone's face . And the most important don't forget to love YOURSELF. Believe in YOU cause there is only one of a kind.